Press Release

Jun 28, 2021

On Saturday, June 26, 2021, Medina County Emergency Service District 1 (ESD1) hosted an event to recruit additional volunteers for their fourth soon-to-be-opened fire station, Station 15, located at 135 Stone Oak, Castroville, which intersects Potranco Road east of Rio Medina.

Created June 1, 1993, MCESD1 is located immediately west of San Antonio in Medina County protecting the towns of Castroville, LaCoste, and Mico, along with unincorporated areas within the District. Encompassing 254-square miles of coverage area, ESD1 currently provides fire and emergency medical services (EMS) utilizing contracted providers consisting of two career EMS agencies and four Volunteer Fire Departments. MCESD1, along with volunteer departments of LaCoste, Castroville, and Mico, are currently working together to develop and staff an operating organization which will include administrative command and control, support and logistics, and operational emergency staff to integrate their services and organizational systems necessary to support the delivery of services to an area where the population is increasing exponentially. MCESD1 exemplifies their mission statement, ‘to provide safe, effective, and quality fire and EMS service to the community at a reasonable cost.’

While enjoying grilled gourmet hotdogs with all the trimmings, representative volunteers at the recruitment event explained they were looking for neighbors to help neighbors and that there was a job available for everyone: Entry-level firefighters with no experience required, certified firefighters, drivers/operators of apparatuses, emergency medical technicians or enter the ‘First Responder’ program for training, firefighter auxiliary for those wishing to support the volunteers, and administrative duty positions. When asked what the benefits were of being a volunteer, responses were: Training and equipment provided at no cost to the individual, family atmosphere and camaraderie that is a tradition in the fire service, working with state-of-the-art equipment and apparatuses, life experiences that prepare an individual for any situation, excitement that comes from running emergency calls, college credits for select training courses, learning lifesaving skills, and endless opportunities.

Attendees received an informational brochure and an application at the event; however, if there is further interest and more information needed; individuals may contact the Medina County ESD1 directly. MCESD1, PO Box 1037, Castroville, TX 78009,, 830-931-6000.